April 28, 2011

Ultimate Burger Challenge: The Vintage

"Enter as Strangers. Leave as Friends." 

While my only experience with The Vintage has been on Thursdays when it offers the $9 burger and brew deal, a coworker's praise of their breakfast crepes drew us to the quaint house for a secular Easter brunch. We were seated at a bar table in the back; the dimly lit room was illuminated by Christmas lights, and the various infusions glistened on the bar. 

For brunch, I took advantage of the $3 mimosas – delicious – and ordered the veggie delight savory crepe: spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, pesto and mozzarella (hold the artichoke hearts). It came with a delicious spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette. While the crepe was delicious, it turned out to be very heavy and overly rich. 

But of course, we were really there for the burger.  Anthony ordered the Vintage Burger, which comes in a basic form ($9) and can be customized one of three ways for an additional $1. 

The Vintage

Anthony chose the bleu cheese and mushroom variation, but, unfortunately, couldn't really taste either addition. Since the burger was flame broiled, the charred flavor of the beef masked all the other components. The patty seemed suspiciously smaller than a third of a pound, but was flanked by a pleasing, lightly toasted bun.

Here's how the Vintage Burger rates:
  • Price: 2.5. As compared to other $10 burgers, the Vintage's version is pretty ho-hum.
  • Presentation: 3.5.
  • Fries: 4. This far in the competition, the Vintage's shoestring fries are the most authentic of the bunch. They're slim, matchstick-like, crunchy and well-seasoned with black pepper. 
  • Overall quality: 6. While there wasn't anything terribly wrong with it, the Vintage Burger is downright run-of-the-mill. The patty was thin, the bun tasted store-bought, and I probably could have purchased the same thing at any number of restaurants around town. 
  • Total score: 16/25

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